NJPA is committed to strengthening our political outreach and advocating for the interests of NJ psychologists and mental health issues that are important to the public.  Over the years, our advocacy took many forms.  Through our Committee on Legislative Affairs (COLA) and our Governmental Affairs Agent (GAA), NJPA was instrumental in maintaining standards of psychology practice in NJ, protecting patients rights, and supporting public policy.  NJPA also monitors State Rules and Laws that regulate the profession, and maintains a liaison with the NJ Board of Psychological Examiners so we are always informed about any changes that may affect our members.  As an affiliate of APA, NJPA is also involved in federal advocacy initiatives and regularly lobbies for federal issues that affect psychology.

The American Health Care Act
March 23, 2017
The NJPA Executive Board approved an endorsement of the American Psychological Association's/American Psychological Association Practice Organization’s letter of opposition to the American Health Care Act, that was recently approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee and the Budget Committee. Read our press release here.

State Advocacy

Read about our successful changes to NJ laws affecting psychologists!

Federal Advocacy/Practice Leadership Conference