Board of Psychological Examiners Release the Continuing Education Proposed Regulations Comments Period

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, NJPA distributed an email summarizing the BoPE Mandatory Continuing Education Proposed Regulations.

Here are the highlights  –

•    The proposed rules require that at least 20 of the 40 credits be completed through approved continuing education courses, and at least 10 of those 20 credits shall be from courses where there is opportunity for live interaction with the continuing education instructor.

•    The proposed rules indicate that 20 of the 40 credits may be from methods outside of approved continuing education courses. The list of approved alternative methods is listed on page two of the proposed regulations.  (examples are completing a college course, authoring a text book or peer review article)

•    The first expected date for psychologists to have completed their 40 credits is June 2019, which is the end of the next biennial licensing period. The date to begin accumulating those 40 credits will be within the next biennial licensing period.  
•    After the BoPE has reviewed the comments and created the final regulations, we will know more about the actual start date for accumulating continuing education credits.

•    Every NJPA member is able to submit comments by November 5, 2016 to J. Michael Walker, Executive Director, State Board of Psychological Examiners, 124 Halsey Street, PO Box 45017 Newark, NJ 07101 or via electronic submission here  (once on the page, scroll to the bottom).