NJPA members are a valuable source for reporters and others seeking expert advice in all areas relating to mental health and mind/body issues.  Through our Public Education Committee (PEC), our members serve to educate the public about the value of psychological health and how psychologists help people’s health, lives, businesses, and families. Members are available to the public for speaking engagements and to respond to reporter inquiries.  Below are a variety of contributions our members have made in the media.  Check out our Speakers Bureau page to locate an expert that may fulfill your needs.  We also have an extensive list of psychologists who respond to media queries.  Please contact Christine at or 973-243-9800 if you need further assistance.

Print & Online Contributions:

Small Changes Add Up to Big Savings - News Transcript
Deborah Wagner, PsyD

Inner Fashion & Beauty (regular column) - FashionAffair
Alicia Camlibel, PhD - Liberty Corner

What kind of Angry Are You? -
Helping A Friend with Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Borderline Personality Treatment
Anthony Tasso, PhD - Morristown

For Families that lose a child, a "part of you dies" -
Linda Centeno, PhD and Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

Secrets of Happy, Healthy Families - Parents E-Zine
Lisa Greenberg, PhD - Madison

Like Facebook, Kids-Only Sites Require Parents' Care - Tampa Bay Online
Douglas Haymaker, PhD - Oldwick

What to do if Your Loved One is Having a Severe Panic Attack? -
Peter DeNigris, PsyD - Somerville

How to Stop Sweating the Small Stuff -
Rosalind Dorlen, PsyD - Summit

Growing Friendships (blog) - All about Children's Social & Emotional Development - PsychologyToday
When Motherhood Becomes a Nightmare -
How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids - Woman's
Carving Out Family Time - NJ
Why Paying Kids to Do Homework Can Backfire -
Transition to Summer -
Vacations That Aim to Turn Cousins Into Friends -
Why My Kids Hate Me Right Now -
How Peer Pressure Affects Your Child -
My Child is a Bully -
Direct Connection: 5 Ways to Help Your Child Make Eye Contact -
Bonding With Baby: A Connection for Life -
Is Your Child Ready to Walk Home From School Alone? -
Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD - Princeton

Snark Attack -
Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD - Princeton
Michael Osit, EdD - Warren

When Your Child's Friend Dies -
Celebrating Small Victories -
9 Ways to Reduce Anxiety, Right Here Right Now -
Marla Deibler, PsyD - Cherry Hill

Advice For Parents to Help Their Child Overcome an Eating Disorder -
Rachel Millner, PsyD - Lawrenceville

Beyond the Bag: Intimacy and Ostomy -
Frank Sileo, PhD - Ridgewood

What Are Your Depression Treatment Options? -
Jeffrey Axelbank, PsyD - Highland Park

Health Matters with Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Putting a Stop to Bullying
Health Matters with Dr. Sanjay Gupta: When School Makes Kids Anxious
Health Matters with Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Coping with Parkinson's Quality of Life Issues
Yahoo! Voices:  5 Ways Anorexic Moms Can Protect Daughters from Getting Disorder
Yahoo! Voices: Is it Wrong for Anorexic Women to Have Children?
Yahoo! Voices: Advice to Teen Girls with Anorexic Mothers
Is Envy Getting the Best of You? - Cosmopolitan Magazine
Incidents of Suicide Rise Among Young Adults - Ramapo Record (Newspaper)
For Families That Lose a Child, 'A Part of You Dies' - The Record (Newspaper)
Being Queer: The Everyday Issues of the LGBT Community - Ramapo Record (Newspaper)
Why It's So Difficult for Women to Find the Right Clothing Size - The Record (Newspaper)
Victim Often Seen As Victor in Sex Cases with Femail Teachers, Male Students - The Record (Newspaper)
Linda Centeno, PhD
Expert Contributor

LIONS and TIGERS and TEENS: Expert Advice and Support for the Conscientious Parent Just Like You
by Myrna Beth Haskell
Expert Contributor - Linda Centeno, PhD

The Body Scoop for Girls: A Straight-Talk Guide to a Healthy, Beautiful You
by Christine Rojo and Jennifer Ashton, MD, Ob-GYN
Chapter Review (Mood Disorders) - Linda Centeno, PhD

Texting While Parenting - Foxs News Radio Tour
Social Media Abuse Among Teens - Fox News Radio Tour
Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD - Princeton

OCD in Children and Adolescents: Guides for Parents and Educators
Allen Weg, PhD

Television Appearances:
Is There a Link Between Economic Growth and Terrorism? - Bart Rossi, PhD
Tips on How to Find the Best Person to Care for Our Children
- Good Morning New York (Telemundo 47)
Consequences & Risks of Physical Punishment on Children (Spanish)
Angelica Diaz-Martinez, PsyD

Don’t Label My Child - Today Show with Hoda & Kathie Lee
What's wrong with winning? - The Better Show ( with JD Roberto
Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD