May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Our 2022 Mental Health Awareness Campaign will explore the mental health crisis throughout the diverse populations in our communities within New Jersey.  We began 2022 dealing with multiple variants and outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic and our communities continue to struggle with the demands for our services are only increasing.  The need for access to quality mental healthcare has never been greater, as many are describing the mental health crisis that has erupted as “the second pandemic.”   We will examine the diversity of culture, socioeconomic status, families, elderly, and youth and how each segment in society has built, can build, or can enhance an agile response to coping with and living through these adversities how these tools can be applied to ones’ other life experiences.

What is a Health Psychologist?  

How to Choose a Psychologist

So, You Feel Pretty Bad and You Are Considering Seeking Therapy, But.... 

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