2018 New Jersey Psychological Association Awards
We are thrilled to announce our 2018 award winners!  Help us celebrate these achievements by joining us at the NJPA November Fall Conference Friday night program.  The evening begins with a business meeting that is open to all, followed by a cocktail social hour, our Awards dinner, and Committee on Diversity and Inclusion CE program!  Register here.

NJPA Psychologist of the Year Award
Each year, NJPA recognizes a member who has made an important contribution to the profession of psychology in New Jersey, through service to NJPA, and who has demonstrated excellence in psychology either through practice, research, and/or teaching. 

2018 NJPA Psychologist of the Year Award Winner - Dr. Kenneth Freundlich

Dr. Freundlich has been a part of NJPA for 34 years and held multiple leadership positions, including NJPA president. Since completing his presidential year, Dr. Freundlich remained very active in NJPA. He is the current secretary of the Political Action Committee. He volunteered to revive the Healthy Work Place initiative to its former success. Dr. Freundlich also chairs the Capital Improvement Working Group that is advising the NJPA executive board on commercial business options associated with the NJPA lease renewal process. He also volunteered to serve on the Colleague Assistance Task Force that begins its work in August. Lastly, Dr. Freundlich recently co-edited a special section in the New Jersey Psychologist.  Dr. Freundlich is a managing partner at the Morris Psychological Group.

NJPA Dr. Stanley Moldawsky Mentor Award
Dr. Moldawsky was a true champion for the profession of psychology and a sought after mentor for psychologists. In honor of his amazing professional life, in April 2018, NJPA created the NJPA Dr. Stanley Moldawsky Mentor Award, recognizing exceptional leadership of an NJPA member in the form of enduring and exemplary contributions to mentoring new psychologists and/or graduate doctoral level students, over a sustained period of time, which collectively, has significantly enhanced the Association’s ability to positively impact the lives and careers of its new membership, as well as advancing the field of psychology in New Jersey, and beyond. 

2018 NJPA Dr. Stanley Moldawsky Mentor Award Winner - Dr. Rosalind Dorlen 

Dr. Dorlen combined her nearly 40 year, full time clinical practice with numerous volunteer and pro bono activities, community-based research, and public education initiatives to improve the psychological health of communities and workplaces throughout the country. She mentored and supervised scores of psychologists through her teaching and community activities. In her role as chair of the NJPA Public Education Committee, she created community projects to educate the public about enhancing resilience, obesity, stress and the economy, bullying, psychological aspects of women's cardiovascular health, diabetes, domestic violence, terrorism, and other issues relating to psychological health. Dr. Dorlen has been a member of NJPA since 1978.

NJPA Citizen of the Year
The Citizen of the Year is awarded to a non-psychologist who lives or works in New Jersey and has made significant recent contributions to the ideals of mental health or social welfare in the state of New Jersey.  Recipients will be selected by the NJPA Executive Board based upon how well they meet the criteria of the award.  Nominations should consist of several paragraphs detailing why this individual deserves the honor.  Supporting documentation may be enclosed.  The Nominations Committee will present its recommendation to the NJPA Executive Board for approval.  If there is more than one viable nominee, the Nominations Committee will recommend to the NJPA Executive Board up to two names for consideration for the award.

2018 NJPA Citizen of the Year Award Winner - Mrs. Peg Wright, Founder/Chief Executive Officer of
The Center for Great Expectations

Peg Wright’s commitment to providing impactful programming has supported an innovative clinical approach that integrates trauma-informed care with parent-infant mental health, resulting in programs that address underlying traumas and focus on building self-esteem, life skills and the critical relationship between mother and child.  


NJPA Legislator of the Year

Each year the Committee on Legislative Affairs and the NJPA Government Affairs Agent will present a legislator of the year nominee to the Executive Board for approval.  The NJPA Legislator of the Year honors a New Jersey Legislator who has sponsored or championed legislation that directly benefits psychologists and/or consumers of psychological services.  It will be presented at the NJPA Fall Conference.  It was deemed important that NJPA recognize a legislator for outstanding leadership in advocating for issues of importance to the profession.  Our thinking in creating the Legislator of the Year Award was to establish a prestigious mechanism to recognize the role of New Jersey legislatures and the contributions of an outstanding state legislator in helping psychologists and consumers.
NJPA 2018 Legislator of the Year Award Winner – TBA

NJPA 2018 Academic and Scientific Awards - TBA