NJPA Academic & Scientific Affairs Awards & NJPA Poster Session 

The New Jersey Psychological Association’s Division of Academic & Scientific Affairs is pleased to announce several awards that will recognize the accomplishments and scholarly contributions our students and colleagues.  Self-nominations are encouraged and nominees need not be members of NJPA. The Committee on Academic and Scientific Affairs reserves the right to make all final determinations on which awardees will be selected. The awards are not necessarily issued each year. 

The NJPA Dawn Gemeinhardt Student Appreciation Certificate
This award, in the amount of $200, is given to the NJPAGS chair annually to show appreciation for the efforts of an NJPAGS chair who has gone beyond expectations.  It seeks to recognize outstanding student leaders and to encourage them to continue on their leadership path.  Focus areas may include, but are not limited to, creating programs to raise consciousness to issues of diversity/equity/inclusion, social justice work in the field of psychology, advocating for the needs of graduate students, creating programs to service the needs of graduate students, facilitating communication between NJPA committees and NJPAGS, and recruitment of new members. 

NJPAGS chair nominees must:

  • Be an active member of NJPAGS board.
  • Be enrolled in a graduate psychology program.
  • Have demonstrated a significant contribution to NJPAGS.  

Distinguished Faculty Award
This award acknowledges the efforts of a psychologist faculty member, either full-time faculty or holding a scientific position, for their research, teaching, or training efforts. The distinguished faculty is provided $200, awarded to one faculty member annually, with the desire that the faculty member awards one of their students in their lab with the $200.  

Student Research Award
This award is presented to a student (undergraduate or graduate) in psychology who is attending a college/university in New Jersey, interning in a New Jersey institution, or an NJPA student affiliate, who has demonstrated exceptional research potential as determined by his or her academic department. This research should have been completed within the last two years. The awardee is invited to present their research as a poster at the NJPA Fall Conference. One awardee is selected annually and given a stipend in the amount of $200.

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2020 NJPA Academic & Scientific Affairs Award Recipients:  

The Distinguished Teacher Award is given to a psychologist who has a distinguished record of teaching in any area of psychology and holds a full-time academic or scientific position. Awardee receives a certificate and can select a graduate student to receive a $300 scholarship in the award recipient’s honor.

2020 Winner - Melany Rivera - Maldonado, PhD 
Dr. Rivera Maldonado is a  professor and Director of Clinical Training at Felician University's PsyD in Counseling Psychology program.  She works tirelessly to ensure optimal performance of all students in the program. She assisted greatly in ensuring the program received an APA accreditation site visit in a very short amount of time. Dr. Rivera Maldonado also encouraged and assisted several students with their dissertation and research interests and goals. With her guidance, students surpassed their personal academic goals and were able to achieve greater success. Dr. Rivera Maldonado always went beyond the extra mile to help all students in need. She hosted meetings and webinars to assist students with their externship and internship application process, she offered mock interview meetings and groups for any students who expressed an interest, she even kept abreast of any and all externship or internship opportunities that students may not have come across and made sure to circulate these opportunities among the cohorts regularly. Dr. Rivera Maldonado was a true leader and ally to all students at Felician University. 

Graduate Student Research Award:
This award is presented to a graduate student in psychology who is either attending a New Jersey college or university or interning in a New Jersey institution or an NJPA student affiliate, who has demonstrated exceptional research potential as determined by his or her academic department. This research should have been completed within the last two years. The awardee is invited to present his/her research as a poster at the NJPA Fall Conference. 

Award Winners Christopher Watkins, and Co-Authors A. Keshani Perera, Bryan Alava, and Fernanda Moura for their research on “Exploring the Relationship Between Racial Microaggressions and Clinical Symptomatology in Ethnic Minority College Students.” The authors are doctoral students at William Paterson University.

The 2019 NJPA Academic & Scientific Affairs Awards: 

2019 Distinguished Teacher Award Winner - Daniel Mahoney, EdD
2019 Graduate Student Research Award Winner - Sekinat Kuku
2019 Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Award Winner - Shoshana May

NJPA 2020 Poster Session Presentations!

View the 11 Poster Presentations from the 2020 Virtual Fall Conference Here
Poster submissions discuss research (for example, psychological research, clinical research, applied research etc.) that has not been presented or published elsewhere.  All submissions are reviewed and evaluated by a review committee. We welcome your involvement in our organization and encourage authors to seek membership in NJPA.  

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