Legislative Victories
The New Jersey Psychological Association’s Successful Changes in New Jersey Law

2021  PSYPACT is signed into law!  PSYPACT, an interstate compact, was created to facilitate telehealth and temporary in-person, face-to-face practice of psychology across jurisdictional boundaries. (Becomes effective 11/22/21)
2021  The Maiden Name bill is signed! This legislation allows individuals who practice a specific profession or occupation by one name to retain that name should the individual’s legal name change.
2020  Amends the licensure requirements for psychologists in the State
2017  Authorization of the provision of health care services through telemedicine and telehealth, and supplementing    various parts of the statutory law.

2014    Professional Corporation Act - inclusion of psychologists
2013    Jurisprudence Exam in New Jersey
2010    Direct Payment of Benefits to Out-of-Network Providers requires third party payers to reimburse psychologists directly when patient assigns benefits
2004    Capacity for Guardianship through the Civil Practice Committee, Superior Court of NJ
2000    Lawsuit against MCC Behavioral Care, Inc. successfully settled
1999    Prompt Payment (supported)
1999    Mental Health Parity (Coalition) [Serious Mental Illness]
1997    Health Care Quality Act (supported)
1997    Competency Evaluations in Criminal Cases
1996    Hospital Privileges
1996     Lawsuit filed against MCC Behavioral Care, Inc.
1993    Counselors Licensing (opposed)
1991    Duty to Warn
1989    Temporary Disability
1985    Peer Review
1974    Freedom of Choice
1966    Psychology Licensing Law Signed

NJPA Trenton Days
On December 5, 2019, NJPA held a Trenton Day at the State House with the purpose of providing NJPA and affiliate member guests with an opportunity to learn about the NJ legislative process, talk with legislators, understand how a bill becomes a law, and learn the importance of grassroots advocacy. Please consider joining us next time!  

NJPA Member Attendees - Drs. Susan Esquilin, Aida Ishmael-Lennon, Barry Katz, Gerald Leventhal, NJPA President, Morgan Murray,  ECP Co-Chair, Michelle Pievsky, NJPA President-Elect, Lucy Sant'Anna Takagi, with Vanessa Chafos, Kristina Kroot, NJPA Executive Director, Keira Boertzel-Smith,  and NJPA Government Affairs Agent, Jon Bombardieri.  Also pictured is Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty.  








NJPA September 2018 Trenton Day Field Trip 
by Keira Boertzel-Smith, NJPA Executive Director

On Monday, September 17, 2018, Dr. Morgan Murray, NJPA President-Elect, Dr. Alan Lee, NJPA Member-at-Large, and I met in Trenton with Jon Bombardieri, NJPA’s Government Affairs Agent. As a group, we explored the State House, discussed the New Jersey legislative process, and observed a committee meeting with testimony. We were able to meet Assemblyman Daniel Benson (D-14) and Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker ((D-16). We would like to create more opportunities for NJPA to meet with them and other legislators to discuss best ways to support quality mental health care in the state of New Jersey. We began discussions about a potential NJPA hosted advocacy day at the State House and a gathering at our Government Affairs Agent’s office for legislators. Equally as important, we discussed the best way to incorporate legislators into our 2019 Mental Health Awareness efforts and building and maintaining a grassroots network of psychologists in each New Jersey district to respond to requests for grassroots action in a timely fashion. NJPA will host more NJPA Trenton field trips to ensure that NJPA and psychologists are visable in Trenton.