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New Jersey Continuing Education Requirements in a Nutshell – Frequently Asked Questions
by the Council on Continuing Education Affairs

Read the New Jersey Register CE Regulations Comments and Responses here.

Summary of the May 6, 2019 Board of Psychological Examiners (BoPE) Meeting By Ron Silikovitz, PhD, NJPA-BoPE Liaison

How Many Continuing Education Credits Must I Complete?
For each biennial license renewal, a licensee must have completed 40 credits of continuing education related to the practice of psychology. These 40 credits must include at least four credits in topics related to domestic violence. The next renewal is June 2019.

Licensees applying for their first biennial renewal shall not be required to indicate that they completed continuing education requirements.

What is the Definition of Domestic Violence?
The Board of Psychological Examiners advised NJPA that domestic violence would be interpreted broadly to include related issues to treatment issues for survivors of violence, family protection and other related issues. If you have any questions about a particular program, you may contact the Board of Psychological Examiners at 973-504-6470 to see if it will count as a domestic violence course.

How Can I Gain My Credits?
All continuing education courses must be approved by one of the four organizations listed below, or by a provider approved by one of the four organizations listed below (i.e. NJPA is approved through APA). At least 20 of the 40 credits, if not all, must be completed by attending continuing education courses, in-person, on-line, or through reading and examination. Of the 40 credits, at least 10 credits shall be in approved courses or programs where there is opportunity for live interaction with the continuing education instructor.  If you are taking an online course and have the ability to interact with the presenter, that is considered "live interaction."

Approved Sponsors of CE
1. American Psychological Association; 
2. National Register of Health Service Psychologists;
3. Association of State and Provincial Psychology Board; or
4. American Medical Association.

The New Jersey Psychology Association (NJPA) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor live and homestudy continuing education for psychologists. NJPA maintains responsibility for the programs and content.

If a continuing education program is not presented directly by one of the four organizations listed above, call the organization providing continuing education to see if they are approved by one of the four to provide continuing education credit. The American Psychological Association requires that a disclaimer be placed on the program flyer indicating American Psychological Association approval.

What If I Am Unsure About My Credit?
You may contact the Board of Psychological Examiners if you have a question about whether a course or alternative credit source is appropriate. 973- 504-6470.  Board of Psychological Examiners website 

For those psychologists involved in training, teaching, presentation, and scholarly activities, up to 20 of the 40 credits can be from completing a graduate course from an accredited psychology program, authorship of an article, presenting a new lecture or seminar, or teaching or developing the curriculum for a new course. All of these options must be related to psychology. Please carefully review the regulations to learn more.

The other 20 of the 40 required CE credits may be from the following five categories with the limits noted: 

1. Completing a graduate course related to the practice of psychology, given by a regionally accredited school, college or university up to 20 credits. (Note this is not something that has to be approved by one of the four providers in a). Also note that the course does not have to be from an accredited psychology program but rather from a regionally accredited school, college or university). 

2. Authorship of a published textbook or textbook chapter related to the practice of psychology up to five credits.

3. Authorship of a published peer-reviewed article related to the practice of psychology up to five credits.

4. Presenting a lecture or seminar to professional peers or teaching or developing the curriculum for a new CE course or program related to psychology up to five credits.

5. Teaching or developing the curriculum for a new course related to psychology in a regionally accredited school, college or university up to five credits.

Psychologists should note the limits allowed in each of the five categories above and should read carefully the NJ psychology CE regulations for a full description of the requirements. 

What types of CE offerings are considered "home study?"
•  Homestudy is defined as any program or activity where there is no ability for live interaction.  Examples include pre-recorded webinars and reading material approved for CE credit.

Can instructors get CE credit?
•    Yes. For presenting a new  lecture or seminar to professional peers, or teaching or developing the curriculum for a new CE course or program related to psychology.  New means the licensee has never presented the seminar/lecture before or taught/developed curriculum for that course in any other educational setting.  Instructors will earn one credit for each 50 mnutes of the lecture/seminar/course/program up to 5 credits.  Instructors do not need to be psychologists however they must have expertise in the content area and be competent to teach the program at a level that builds upon a completed doctoral program in psychology. Also, a doctoral level psychologist must be involved in all aspects of program planning and development.

Is it acceptable to provide certificates of attendance to participants who are non-psychologists?
•    Yes. All participants attending the full length of your program may request a certificate of attendance. However, it is recommended that participants check with their respective state board to ensure that credits obtained will be accepted. 

Must I Document My Continuing Education Credits?
You must maintain your continuing education documentation for 4 years after completion. Course work vs. other means of accumulating credit must be specifically documented as spelled out in the regulations. For every biennial license renewal, you shall attest that you have completed your continuing education requirements and the Board of Psychological Examiners will perform random audits of licensees to determine compliance with continuing education requirements. It is very important that you create a tracking system for yourself. Do you have a hard copy binder of your documentation or an e-folder of your continuing education documentation? Get organized today! 

How Can I Track 2018 NJPA Continuing Education Certificates?
After each NJPA or NJPA Co-Sponsored programs, NJPA issues an evaluation and then a certificate for all attendees who attended the full program. Make sure that you download and print a hard copy of your certificate and save an electronic copy, as well. Have your NJPA certificates organized for the Board of Psychological Examiners. Check the following locations to find any certificate you are missing:

1. Retrieving NJPA Affiliate CE Certificates and NJPA CE Certificates for programs held prior to May 2018
You will need to access your message history in your profile on the NJPA website. Log in with your user name and password. Click on Members Only. Then follow these steps:

Click on Your Membership:










Click on My Profile:









Hover your mouse over the My Profile tab:










From the drop down menu that appears, click on “Messages.” Here you will find all the messages NJPA sent to you, including messages that contain CE certificates for Affiliate programs and NJPA programs held prior to May 2018.

2. New - NJPA Certificate Vault: For NJPA Programs held May 2018 and Forward (excludes Affiliate Programs)

How Can I Track 2015 - 2017 NJPA Continuing Education Certificates?
If you are missing a certificate from a 2015 – 2017 NJPA program, you can complete an archive request via this form.  We will find your past certificate. We will need the name and date of the program to confirm your attendance. There is a $15 fee for members and $25 fee for non-members.

When are the Continuing Education Credits Due?
Licensed psychologists are required to complete the required continuing education by the end of each renewal period, June 30 of each odd-numbered year.

Can any Credits Carry Over from the Last License Renewal Period?
If you complete more than the minimum continuing education credit hours in a licensing biennial period, you can carry over no more than 10 credits into the succeeding biennial period. You are still obligated to take 4 domestic violence credits each biennial period.  Read the New Jersey Register CE Requirements Comments and Responses here.

Can I Get a Waiver of Continuing Education Requirements?
The Board of Psychological Examiners has the discretion to waive the requirements on an individual basis for reasons of hardship, such as severe illness, disability, or military service. If you are seeking a waiver, you must apply for a waiver to the Board of Psychological Examiners in writing at least 90 days prior to license renewal. Supporting materials are required. If a waiver is granted, it is only effective for that biennial period granted. Please note that a long length of time as a licensee has not been approved as a reason for waiver of continuing education requirements.

Can the Board of Psychological Examiners Require that I Complete Additional Continuing Education?
The Board of Psychological Examiners may direct or order a licensee to complete more than the minimum amount of credits as part of a disciplinary or remedial measure or to correct a deficiency.

Know the Board of Psychological Examiners Regulations. The Mandatory Continuing Education Regulations start on page 57.
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