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3-22-20 Urgent News! Our Advocacy Efforts Help Expand Access to Telehealth and Tele-Mental Health Services!  

Governor Murphy Announces Departmental Actions to Expand Access to Telehealth and Tele-Mental Health Services in Response to COVID-19
NJPA is proud to announce that our advocacy efforts with Governor Murphy's Office contributed to this new development!   

NJPA leaders have been working non-stop around the clock with our Government Affairs Agent, Jon Bombardieri, to advocate for the needs of patients and of psychologists during this crisis. We have crafted and sent multiple letters this week to the Governor's Office, Commissioner of the Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI), Legislators, and to the Board of Psychological Examiners (BoPE).   

We have been advocating relentlessly for coverage of: 
*telemedicine and telehealth for out-of-network providers, 
*for coverage of telephone sessions, 
*for the release of registration required by certain insurance companies, 
*for the release of insurance companies requirement to use their own platform, 
*for the allowance for NJ licensed psychologists to continue to provide services for clients who are now out of state (e.g. college students), among others.

Today, Sunday, March 22, Governor Murphy Announces Departmental Actions to Expand Access to Telehealth and Tele-Mental Health Services in Response to COVID-19. We are proud to announce that NJPA’s efforts shaped the Governor’s response. See the governor's press release here

Note that coverage of telemedicine for out of network providers, seems to still be unclear. The DOBI stated, "if network telehealth providers are not available." Additionally, Horizon is still requiring the use of their on-line platform, at no cost, Horizon CareOnline (see under the Department of Treasury link). The NJPA’s Government Affairs Agent, on behalf of NJPA, is checking this issue specifically with the governor's office, because it is not explicit in this order. We will follow up on it if/when we hear back from our Government Affairs Agent. All the information will also be published on our website.

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As the news about the threat and risks of the Coronavirus are spreading, we would like to share some resources with all of you: From the CDC information on the virus, highlights, risks, precautions, etc. | Tips to help with Coronavirus Anxiety: Five Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus | Podcast with Baruch Fischhoff, PhD on how to calm the anxiety and the psychological effects of being quarantined. Speaking of Psychology: Coronavirus Anxiety  

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