Meet the NJPA Executive Board

The NJPA Executive Board serves as the policy setting body of the association.  Board members are leaders within NJPA who are recognized as having experience, insight, and thoughtful perspective on issues that are important to NJPA.  It is the role of NJPA board members to actively participate in setting NJPA policy, developing goals and priorities, creating future initiatives, conducting strategic planning, and making proactive efforts to meet all the objectives set forth in NJPA's Mission Statement.  The board adheres strictly to the NJPA bylaws and the conduct of meetings are governed by Keesey's Modern Parliamentary Procedure.

The composition of the executive board includes voting members, who are elected, and non-voting members, who are typically appointed. Officers of the association (the voting members of the board) are elected by the general membership of NJPA.  These include: president, president-elect, past-president, secretary, treasurer, and six members-at-large; the parliamentarian is also considered an NJPA officer but must always remain impartial and therefore does not vote.  The board also includes special representatives, such as our APA council representative and an NJPAGS and ECP representatives (who also hold voting positions), our director of academic affairs, affiliate caucus chair, and representatives from the NJ Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPSi) and Latino Psychological Association of NJ (LPANJ).  Additionally, the board includes representatives from each of the eight (8) regional affiliate organizations. Appointed members do not vote, but have equal representation to share their thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on all issues presented before the board.  As key staff, the NJPA executive director and director of professional affairs also attend executive board meetings and actively contribute, but do not vote.

List of Past Presidents (through 2020)

2022 Executive Board Members

Peter DeNigris, PsyD 


Briana Cox, PsyD






Daniel Lee, PsyD





Alexandra Miller Clark, PsyD




Marc Gironda, PsyD





Bonnie Markham, PhD, PsyD




Members-At-Large (MAL)

Daniel Da Silva, PhD
(MAL General Membership)




Alex Gil, PhD
(MAL General Membership) 




Aileen Torres, PhD
(MAL General Membership)




Deirdre Waters, PsyD
(MAL Affiliate) 





Elio Arrechea, PhD

(MAL Affiliate)





Sara Tedrick Parikh, PhD
(MAL Affiliate)




 Special Representatives

APA Council Representative

Rhonda Allen, PhD



ECP Chair 
Anna Urbaniak, PhD 





NJPAGS Co-Chair 
Jaclyn Hammond




Jared Hammond



Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI) Co-Chair  TBD

Central Office Staff   

Executive Director: TBD

Director of Professional Affairs

Susan McGroarty, PhD





Affiliate Representatives

Northeast Counties Association of Psychologists
Nansie Ross, PsyD 




Essex/Union County Association of Psychologists
Sara Tedrick Parikh, PhD




Mercer County Psychological Association


Middlesex County Association of Psychologists

Tammy Dorff, PsyD





Monmouth/Ocean County Psychological Association
Lauren Gerardi, PhD



Morris County Psychological Association

Sarah Dougherty, PsyD 

Somerset Hunterdon Warren Psychological Association

Janie Feldman, PsyD



South Jersey Psychological Association