New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation Flash:  March 2018

In This Issue...

  1. The Heart of NJPA
  2. Foundation Funding
  3. Grants & Awards
  4. Meet the Trustees!
  5. Organization Structure

Meet the Trustees!

Matt Hagovsky, PhD (President);
Toby Kaufman, PhD (Secretary);
Abby Rosen
Richard Klein, EdD (Trustee);
Ann Stainton, PhD (Trustee); 
E. Belvin Williams, PhD (Trustee);
Regina Budesa, PsyD (Trustee);
Alyssa Austern, PsyD (Trustee);
Morgan Murphy, PhD (NJPA President-Elect and Foundation Board Liaison);                          Alexandra Gil        (NJPAGS Representative) 
Keira Boertzel-Smith (Executive Director);    Ana DeMeo (Central Office Staff Liaison)

Organization Structure

The New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation was established in 1993 as a charitable, tax-exempt organization. The NJPA Foundation is an IRC 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation and all donations, less any goods and services received, are tax deductible. The mission of the NJPA Foundation, in addition to supporting NJPA's mission, is promoting the psychological health of the diverse people of New Jersey.

Get Involved!

Become a Board Trustee
The NJPA Foundation is governed by the NJPA Foundation Board of Trustees.  The board has four officers: president, secretary, treasurer, and the NJPA president-elect. All trustees are voting members except for the NJPA president-elect who is an ex-officio non-voting officer. The trustee's term may be as long as he/she is qualified and eligible.  

Become a Friend of the Foundation

The NJPA Foundation includes non-voting Friends of the Foundation members. These individuals must be NJPA members and may assist with projects on behalf of the NJPA Foundation such as volunteering at fundraising events, writing NJPA Foundation articles, reviewing and voting on student grant papers, attending site visits, or planning NJPA Foundation continuing education programs. The projects are monitored and managed by the NJPA Foundation Board of Trustees. Friends of the Foundation are welcome to attend and participate at the NJPA Foundation meetings.  There is no term limit for Friends of the Foundation. The NJPA Foundation president, in consultation with the NJPA executive director, reserves the right to terminate a Friend of the Foundation membership if the member is deemed to not be acting in the best interest of NJPA Foundation. 

If interested contact      Ana DeMeo at [email protected] or 972-243-9800



The Foundation is the Heart of NJPA

Welcome to the second issue of the New Jersey Psychologcal Association (NJPA) Foundation Flash! The Foundation Flash will highlight our grantmaking efforts in support of programs that train graduate psychology students who are dedicated to working with underserved populations in New Jersey.

The NJPA Foundation administers and raises money to deliver psychological services to underserved populations, trains psychology graduate students as clinicians and researchers with an emphasis on treating underserved populations, supports the mission of NJPA especially in its commitment to diversity, public health, underserved populations and the training of graduate students in psychology.  The Foundation Flash will be distributed quarterly to inform NJPA members and the public about our grantmaking efforts and the great work of our supported graduate psychology students.

Foundation Funding

The majority of current funding comes from the NJPA membership, with some funding coming from outside groups. Funding comes in the form of NJPA Foundation solicitation letters to the NJPA membership, NJPAF hosted events such as the 2017 Somerset Patriots baseball game, hosted dinners/cocktail gatherings, tributes, and bequests.  The NJPA Foundation is open to exploring new manners of fundraising such as corporate sponsorship and grant writing. Click here to read more about how you can participate in, and contribute to, our fundraising efforts.

Take this opportunity to make your 2018 charitable donation!  The New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation and all donations (less any goods/services received) are tax-deductible and go directly to supporting a psychologically health community.

Grantmaking Efforts – Three Distinct  Grants and Awards

Community Service Project Grants
The NJPA Foundation identifies exemplary programs that provide psychological services to those who cannot afford it and trains doctoral students to work with these underserved populations. We invite applications from programs across the state of New Jersey, with the goal of identifying and supporting model programs from each county.  For the 2017-2018 academic year, we are sponsoring five amazing programs - Newark Beth Israel Game-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program, Newark Beth Israel General Track, Rutgers Foster Care program, Rutgers Center for Psychological Studies, and the Trinitas Regional Medical Center. Each Foundation Flash, we will be highlighting student stories from these funded community service sites.   Please take a moment to see the incredible work our recipients are doing.  

Tamar Blanchard is a third year graduate student in clinical psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University working with children and their families recover from sexual and physical abuse, neglect, and domestic violence at Newark Beth Israel’s Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Center. “As a psychology extern at the RDTC, I conduct psychological evaluations and therapy with children and adolescents who have experienced maltreatment and abuse. Through these weekly responsibilities, I have become increasingly competent in providing care to youth who have experienced trauma. My experience as an RDTC extern has been highly fulfilling. I very much enjoy collaborating with the clinicians and externs at the RDTC, as well as with the patient’s parents and DCP&P caseworkers. I have seen my skills grow exponentially since beginning at the RDTC and look forward to continuing to grow in my clinical skills. I have enjoyed working in an outpatient hospital setting, and can see myself working long-term in a similar environment. The NJPA grant has been tremendously helpful in funding my education and clinical involvement this year, and I am extremely appreciative and grateful that I am a recipient of this grant. Thank you"! 

David Asamoah-Duodo is a second year student at Rutgers Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology. This year David has been working with the Foster Care Counseling Project, providing individual and group psychotherapy services to children and adolescents enrolled in the Middlesex County foster care system. “My midterm experience under this grant has been vital to my development as a budding clinician who aspires to provide effective mental health treatment to children and families. Under this grant, I have had the opportunity to work with 4 clients, ranging from age 4 through 13, using various models of trauma treatment. Seeing the diverse ways in which trauma presents itself in children and adolescents has helped to illustrate for me how complex the issue of trauma can be. I look forward to continued learning as the year goes on.”

The Board will be conducting site visits that will provide an in-depth view of the work conducted by students and the populations they serve. The visits will give the Board and opportunity to speak with the principal staff members, project supervisors and grant recipients.

Graduate Student Initiated Research Awards                A fundamental component of the New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation’s mission is to support the training of graduate students. One way they meet this goal is by providing funding for student-initiated research and projects addressing psychological issues that have significant impact on community health. Through the generosity of individual contributions, we are able to offer four awards and scholarships for innovative family, school, and community projects. 

An applicant must be a NJPAGS student member and meet at least one of the following criteria:

1). Enrolled in a New Jersey university or college master’s        or doctoral level psychology program OR

2). Psychology Intern at a New Jersey facility

In 2017, we had two award winners. Nicole L. Eskenasi, PsyM and Laura Grossi, MA. Applications for 2018-2019 are due July 17, 2018. Apply here

Student Conference Participation Grant                    This grant promotes supplemental training and education experiences in professional practice and research, with an emphasis on treating underserved populations. Attending conferences, workshops, seminars, and other scientific sessions are an essential part of the learning experience for psychology graduate students. Sessions provide an educational experience that allows students to observe and/or practice how didactic lessons can be applied to real-world treatment.

The NJPA Foundation Student Conference Participation Grant helps offset some of the costs associated with attending conferences, workshops, and other psychological sessions (including webinars) emphasizing the treatment of underserved populations. 2018 recipients include Alexandra Gils,MA, Kean University and Karly E. Siffin, MA, Widener University. Alexandra will be attending the National Association of School Psychology Conference, February 14-17th in Chicago, IL. Karly Siffin will attend the American Psychology-Law Society Annual Conference in Memphis, TN in March. For complete requirements, criteria, and application forms, visit the Foundation at    

[email protected] | 414 Eagle Rock Avenue, Suite 211, West Orange, NJ 07052

973-243-9800 |