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Foundation Flash: 
2021 Q2

2021 NJPAF Board of Trustees

Matt Hagovsky, PhD (President);
Toby Kaufman, PhD (Secretary);
Abby Rosen, CFP (Treasurer);
Richard Klein, EdD (Trustee);
Ann Stainton, PhD (Trustee); 
E. Belvin Williams, PhD (Trustee);
Regina Budesa, PsyD
Alyssa Austern, PsyD
Eileen Kohutis, PhD (Trustee);
Jonathan Wall, PsyD (Trustee);

Joanna Tillson (NJPAGS Representative);

Keira Boertzel-Smith
(Executive Director)
Jennifer Cooper (NJPA Foundation Liaison)

2021 NJPA Foundation Upcoming Meetings Calendar

September 20, 7-9pm
November 15, 7-9pm

Organization Structure

The New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation was established in 1993 as a charitable, tax-exempt organization. The NJPA Foundation is an IRC 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation and all donations, less any goods and services received, may be  tax deductible. Consult your financial consultant to learn more.

The mission of the NJPA Foundation, in addition to supporting NJPA's mission, is promoting the psychological health of the diverse people of New Jersey.

Get Involved!

Become a Board Trustee
The NJPA Foundation is governed by the NJPA Foundation Board of Trustees. 

The board has four officers: president, secretary, treasurer, and the NJPA president-elect. All trustees are voting members except for the NJPA president-elect who is an ex-officio non-voting officer. The trustee's term may be as long as he/she is qualified and eligible. Become a Board Trustee!

Become a Friend of the Foundation

The NJPA Foundation includes non-voting Friends of the Foundation members. These individuals must be NJPA members and may assist with projects on behalf of the NJPA Foundation such as volunteering at fundraising events, writing NJPA Foundation articles, reviewing and voting on student grant papers, attending site visits, or planning NJPA Foundation continuing education programs. The projects are monitored and managed by the NJPA Foundation Board of Trustees. Friends of the Foundation are welcome to attend and participate at the NJPA Foundation meetings.  There is no term limit for Friends of the Foundation. The NJPA Foundation president, in consultation with the NJPA executive director, reserves the right to terminate a Friend of the Foundation membership if the member is deemed to not be acting in the best interest of NJPA Foundation. Become a Friend of the Foundation!

Contact Jennifer Cooper at [email protected]  
973-243-9800 with questions.

Foundation Funding

The majority of current funding comes from NJPA membership, with some funding coming from outside groups. Funding comes in the form of NJPA Foundation annual solicitation letters to the NJPA membership, NJPAF hosted events such as member-hosted dinner parties, and special events, such as 2017 Somerset Patriots baseball game.  Tributes and bequests are a great way to contribute to the Foundation.

The NJPA Foundation is open to exploring new manners of fundraising such as corporate sponsorship and grant writing. Click here to read more about how you can participate in, and contribute to, our fundraising efforts.

Take this opportunity to make your 2021 charitable donation!  The New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation and all donations (less any goods/services received) may be tax-deductible and go directly to supporting a psychologically health community. Contact your financial consultant to learn more.

In addition to supporting the New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) mission, the mission of the Foundation is promoting the psychological health of the diverse people of New Jersey. The NJPA Foundation administers and raises money to deliver psychological services to underserved populations, trains psychology graduate students as clinicians and researchers with an emphasis on treating underserved populations, supports the mission of NJPA especially in its commitment to diversity, public health, underserved populations and the training of graduate students in psychology. The NJPA Foundation is a 501(c) (3) corporation and all donations, less any goods and services received, may be tax deductible. Consult with your financial advisor to learn more.

If you are interested in hosting a virtual social gathering on behalf of the NJPA Foundation, please contact Jennifer Cooper to help you organize your virtual social event. 

Not an NJPA member?

Click Here to Learn about NJPA Member Benefits and to Apply for Membership! 

NJPA Foundation 2021 Graduate Student-Initiated Research Awards

The call for proposals deadline is July 19, 2021

Click Here for more information, requirement criteria, past winners and proposals, as well as the application form.

The Graduate Student-Initiated Research Award is an annual contest that awards research/projects that align with the criteria outlined in the description of the four award categories below. 

  • The John M. Lagos Award for Research Into Causes and/or Treatment of Social Problems ($2,000): 
    • Some possible topics include school issues, work problems, health issues, and aggression.
  • The NJPA Foundation Scholarship for Research on Diversity Issues ($2,000):
    • Awarded to a graduate student in psychology who advances the following goals: (a) promote scientific understanding of the role of diversity in psychology; (b) foster the development of sensitive models for delivery of psychological services to diverse populations. Some possible topics include issues related to cultural or ethnic issues, socioeconomic issues, gender issues, or work with underserved populations.
  • The Dr. Zellig Bach Award for the Study of the Family ($1,000):
    • Awarded for the study of behavior related to divorce, teenage pregnancy, adoption, single parents with dependent children, interpersonal abuse, substance abuse, custody, dual careers, childcare, etc.
  • The Winifred Starbuck Scott Award ($1,000):
    • Awarded to a graduate student in school psychology for completing a distinguished project, usually during internship.

The NJPA Foundation looks forward to the opportunity to review this year's proposals!

A fundamental component of the New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation’s mission is to support the training of graduate students. One way they meet this goal is by providing funding for student-initiated research and projects addressing psychological issues that have significant impact on community health. The NJPA Foundation relies on the generosity of individual contributions to fund these annual awards. Please consider making a donation, or learn more about the NJPA Foundation here

If you have ANY questions about your proposed project meeting the criteria for any of these awards, please email Jennifer Cooper, or call the NJPA Central Office at 973-243-9800 extension 0 for clarification.

NJPA Foundation Dissertation Grants

This rolling grant opportunity is open to doctoral level graduate psychology students enrolled in a New Jersey doctoral level psychology program to support the process of a student’s doctoral dissertation focusing on a social advocacy open topic area that may or does impact underserved populations of New Jersey. 

To learn more about the Dissertation Grant process, requirements, criteria, and to read about recent grant recipients, please visit our NJPA Foundation Dissertation Grant Website Page

Watch to our latest podcast! In this episode, NJPA President Daniel Lee, PsyD, and NJPA Foundation President, Mathias Hagovsky, PhD, speak with Dissertation Grant recipient, Ruby Rhoden about her dissertation topic: Look At Us As People Too: The Phenomenological Experiences of Childbirth Trauma in Primi and Multiparous Black Women. Please visit our NJPA Foundation Dissertation Grant Website Page to view! 

NJPA Student Conference Participation Grants

This rolling grant opportunity promotes supplemental training and education experiences in professional practice and research, with an emphasis on treating underserved populations. To learn more, please visit our NJPA Foundation Student Conference Participation Grant Website Page.

The 2020-2021 academic year has ended for the awarded 45 Graduate Students at 12 Community Service Sites Across New Jersey. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of the approved sites for the next academic year in the Q3 Foundation Flash.

Each year the NJPA Foundation identifies exemplary programs that provide psychological services to those who cannot afford it and trains doctoral students to work with these underserved populations.

The NJPAF Board of Trustees has recently attended the end of the academic year site visits for our 12 Community Service Sites. Below are a few highlighted written and video reports from students from a handful of the 20/21 sites. Click on the hyperlinks to read the reports and watch the videos.  

Kean Adult Community Members Program
Highlight - Christina Galese's Report
Program Director: Donald Marks, PsyD
Students: Ritvik Dutta, Christina Galese, Giuliana Stillo

Rutgers K-5 Elementary School High Poverty Program
Highlight - Samuel Laverty's Report
Program Director: Linda Reddy, PhD
Students: Alexandra Franklin, Amy Oliveira, Samuel Laverty, Sam Barkhordari

Rutgers Anxiety Disorders Clinic
Highlight - Joel Seltzer's Report
Program Director: Andrea Quinn, PsyD
Students: Joel Seltzer, Idil Franko
Rutgers Tourette Syndrome Clinic
Highlight - Nina Dallenbach's Report
Program Director: Graham Hartke, PsyD
Students: Amanda Austin, Erin Rosenberg, May Yaun, Nina Dallenbach, Emily Hendershot

Additional programs:

Rutgers GSAAP Foster Care Counseling Project
Program Director: Kate Garcia, PsyD
Students: Damilola Kolade, Drew Mendelson, Jessica Reed, Melissa Farsang, 

Franciscan Community Development Center
Program Director: Daniel J Mahoney, EdD
Students: Estrevina Rivera, Marcella Farfan, Salvador Reyes 

Kean Social Skills Empowerment Group
Program Director: Aaron Gubi, PhD
Students: Claudia Emmanuel, Gittie Freeman, Vanessa Vega
Rutgers DBT Clinic 
Program Director: Shireen L Rizvi, PhD, ABPP
Students: Febrian "Annie" Moten, Jesse Finklestein, Kate El-Sharkawy, 
Maria Alba, 
Molly Stern, Kathryn Coniglio

Youth Development Clinic
Program Director: Mark Kitzie PsyD
Students: Fernanda Moura, Sadaf Khawar, Victoria Interra  

Newark Beth Israel GB-CBT
Program Director: Barbara Prempeh, PsyD
Students: Brittany Klimek, Christopher Watkins, Sade Porter,
Zerbrina Valdespino-Hayden
Newark Beth Israel - General Track
Program Director: Karyn C Smarz, PhD
Students: Jessica Elliott, Sekinat KuKu, Shaneze Gayle, Simonleigh Miller, 
Tania Chowdhury, Raghad Hassabelnaby 

Rutgers YAD-C
Program Director: Brian Chu, PhD
Students: Tian Saltzman, Melissa Pedrozza 

More details about all (2020-2021 academic year) programs can be found on the NJPA Foundation's Community Service Project Grant website page!

Thank you to all who make individual NJPA Foundation donations! We appreciate your ongoing support!

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