Our Mission:

In addition to supporting the New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) mission, the mission of the Foundation is promoting the psychological health of the diverse people of New Jersey.

The NJPA Foundation administers and raises money to deliver psychological services to underserved populations by supporting training programs for psychology graduate students, as clinicians and researchers, with an emphasis on treating underserved populations.  The NJPA Foundation supports the mission of NJPA, especially in its commitment to diversity and public mental health.

Organization Structure

The New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation was established in 1993 as a charitable, tax-exempt organization. The NJPA Foundation is an IRC 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation and all donations, less any goods and services received, may be tax deductible for you. Consult with your financial advisors to learn more. 

Meet the Foundation Board of Trustees

  Mathais Hagovsky, PhD




 Toby Kaufman, PhD



Abigail Rosen




Richard Klein, EdD



Ann Stainton, PhD



Alyssa Austern, PsyD



E. Belvin Williams, PhD





Regina M Budesa, PsyD




Eileen Kohutis, PhD




Jonathan Wall, PsyD





Joanna Tillson
NJPAGS Representative





Justin Karmann
NJPAF Executive Director (Ex-Officio Trustee)