Graduate Student Initiated Research Awards

A fundamental component of the New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation’s mission is to support the training of graduate students. One way they meet this goal is by providing funding for student-initiated research and projects addressing psychological issues that have significant impact on community health. Through the generosity of individual contributions, we are able to offer four awards and scholarships for innovative family, school, and community projects.

Note - These grants require verification letters. The Supervisors letter should confirms what the student is working on and that he/she is the dissertation advisor. The letter should confirm that project is in line with the stated purpose of the grant. In effect, this letter is letting The NJPA Foundation know that this research meets our mission and can be a means of or contribution to social advocacy. The supervisor should also include some language about where the student is in the dissertation process and some expectation that the student will be able to complete the project.

Recent Winners -

The John M. Lagos Award for Research into Causes and/or Treatment of Social Problems: 
Awarded for the study of causes and/or treatment of social problems.  Some possible topics include school issues, work problems, health issues, and aggression.  $2,000 award

2019 Award Winner: Tamara L. Quezada, PsyM, for her research paper "A Mixed-Methods Study of the Social-Emotional Learning and the School Experience of Emergent Bilinguals." Read submitted paper here.





2018 Award Winner: Krista Herbert, MA, for her research paper “Examining the Efficacy of mHealth for Treating Depression in Primary Care.” Read submitted paper  here.




2017 Award Winner:   Laura Grossi, MA, for her research paper Assessing Victimization Risk. Read submitted paper and summary.




2016 Award Winner:  Yasmine Omar - Rutgers GSAPP, for her research paper Self-Regulation for Smoking Cessation.  Read submitted paper here




2015 Award Winner:  Mina Yadegar - Rutgers University, for her research paper The Impact of Cognitive Techniques on Exposure Effectiveness in CBT for Youth Anxiety.  Read submitted paper here.




The NJPA Foundation Award for Research on Diversity Issues: 

Awarded to a graduate student in psychology who advances the following goals:  
(a) Promote scientific understanding of the role of diversity in psychology;
(b) Foster the development of sensitive models for delivery of psychological services to diverse populations.
Some possible topics include issues related to cultural or ethnic issues, socioeconomic issues, gender issues or work with underserved populations.  $2,000 award

2019 Award Winner: Cindy Chang, BA for her research paper "Application of Minority Stress and Suicide Models in Bisexual versus Gay/Lesbian Young Adults."  Read submitted paper here.




2018 Award Winners: Nicole Cantor, MA and Ebru Dugme Yucel, MA for their research paper Alcohols’ Affect on Risk Perception Among Sexual Minority Female: A Laboratory Paradigm. Read submitted paper here.




2017 Award Winner:  Nicole L. Eskenasi, PsyM for her research paper Women Warriors: Exploring the Various Dimensions of  Female Service-Members’ Role Identities. Read submitted paper here.




2016 Award Winner: 
Aishah Manuel - Rutgers GSAPP for her research paper An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Participating in Social Support Groups on the Psychosocial Functioning of Transgender Adolescents.  Read submitted paper here



2015 Award Winner:  Michael Awad - Columbia University for his paper Assessing Gender Role Construction in Men & Women of Color: Scale Development and Evaluation.  Read submitted paper here




The Dr. Zellig Bach Award for the Study of the Family:
Awarded for the study of behavior related to divorce, teenage pregnancy, adoption, single parents with dependent children, interpersonal abuse, substance abuse, custody, dual careers, childcare, etc.  $1,000 award

2015 Award Winner:  Moshe Winograd - Seton Hall University for his paper Predictors of Post-traumatic Growth in a Pregnancy Loss Population.  Read submitted paper here




The Winifred Starbuck Scott Award - School Psychology:
Awarded to a graduate student in school psychology for completing a distinguished project, usually during internship.  $1,000 award

Applicant Requirements
The applicant must meet the following criteria:
NJPA student member AND,
Enrolled in a New Jersey college or university master's or doctoral level psychology program OR,
A psychology intern at a New Jersey facility.

Click on the button below to submit your application. Applications are due no later than July 19.  Awards are typically  presented at the NJPA Fall Conference.NJPA is still working on the 2020 NJPA award ceremony plans which have been altered due to the CoVID-19 crisis

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