Jane Selzer Membership Recognition Award
Ms. Jane Selzer was a long time employee of NJPA and passionately involved with NJPA membership. She retired in 2015. To acknowledge her long standing service to NJPA, and in an effort to publicly acknowledge and recognize those members who contribute so much to NJPA in so many diverse ways, the NJPA Membership Committee renamed this established award after her to recognize members who add value to NJPA every day. Any member of NJPA can nominate a fellow member for this award by submitting a detailed statement (up to 500 words) demonstrating how the nominee meets the outlined criteria and why he/she deserves this honor. A current CV shall be included and supporting documentation may be enclosed.

2020 NJPA Jane Selzer Membership Recognition Award Winner - Join us on Friday, October 16, 2020 at 5pm for the virtual NJPA Awards Ceremony!



2019 NJPA Jane Selzer Membership Recognition Award Winners

Michelle Pievsky, PhD

Stacie Shivers, PsyD

Michelle Pievsky, PhD (Acceptance Statement) and Stacie Shivers, PsyD (Acceptance Statement)

Under Michelle's  and Stacie's joint leadership as Co-Chairs, the ECP Committee was reorganized in July 2018 and developed into a vital component of our association.  They have succeeded in bringing the concerns of ECPs to the attention of NJPA and they have recruited ECPs to join most, if not all, NJPA committees and task forces, thereby bringing a fresh perspective across the work of the association as well as providing additional volunteers to aid in the work of these groups.  Most importantly, they have quarterbacked the extensive work the committee has done during the past year that has resulted in NJPA being able to have a bill introduced in the New Jersey legislature to change the Psychologist Licensing Act.

Christopher Thompson, MA, EdS:  Mr. Thompson makes important contributions to the profession of psychology in NJ, through service to NJPA as chair of the graduate students, and research and teaching at the graduate level. His body of work includes various recent presentations of which I’ve had the pleasure of at least working with him once in the past. As a former student of his, I believe he serves the field of psychology as a mentor and someone I hope to emulate in matters of professionalism and work ethic. As an instructor his abilities far surpass all others. He has never shortchanged any student from opportunities to grow professionally and personally; Where other instructors seem to be satisfied with just achieving the bare minimum, he continuously challenges students (at their own individual level) to think critically.  (Make Carrero, MA)