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“I get so much out of being a part of this professional association. I  am also fortunate that I can count on the dependable, responsive and friendly  group of people who work for NJPA.”  ~ Norine Mohle, PhD

"I joined NJPA as a graduate student in 2011.  Throughout my time as a general member and as part of the NJPAGS board, I have learned a great deal about leadership, unity, and professionalism.  The connections I've made and the experiences I acquired from membership in NJPA have enriched my graduate school training and prepared me for future success in the field of psychology. I am beyond grateful that I became a member of such a remarkable, professional organization." ~  Stacie D. Shivers, PsyD

"As a Brazilian, early career psychologist, I wanted to belong to a colorful neighborhood of diverse peers, where I could learn, listen, and be heard... where I could be part of a community that holds... NJPA for me is that community! In process, shifting, pulling, and pushing all of its parts, but willing to become whole. It is my neighborhood, in process and in progress."  ~  Luciene Takagi, PsyD

"To me,  being a psychologist has always involved focusing on issues and working with people.  I guess it makes me feel I am contributing something important whether I am working with a family in crisis, people dealing with difficult transitions, or issues related to parenting and adjusting to divorce. Psychologists often work in isolation contributing to a sense of lack of connection with our colleagues.  Changing laws and policies affect how we practice.  In the last twenty years, the field has really changed.  It seems essential that organizations like NJPA help keep us abreast of such changes. ~ Janet Berson, PhD

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Dues payments are not charitable contributions. 89% of your dues may be deductible as an ordinary business expense. 11% goes toward government affairs agent expenses and are not deductible.  Dues are non-refundable.  100% of your NJPA Foundation contributions are tax deductible as a charitable contribution. 

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Member Benefits
  • Need a professional consultation?  Just give us a call.  Members can count on the expertise of our Director of Professional Affairs, Executive Director, and Central Office staff to assist you with practice questions, ethical concerns, membership matters, licensing laws and regulations, and help you understand the impact of new and pending legislation.

  • Unsure how to handle a potentially difficult situation? Consult with our experts.  The NJPA Ethics Education and Resource Committee offers free, confidential feedback, exclusively to NJPA members, concerning ethical questions that may arise in the course of their practice.  The information provided by the Ethics Committee is designed to assist NJPA members to better understand ethical issues arising out of the practice of psychology in an educative and consultative manner.  The information provided by the Ethics Committee should not be relied on as legal advice, and is not a substitute for consultation with a licensed attorney. The primary role of the Ethics Committee is to promote ethical behavior and to help NJPA members by providing education and support in ethical decision making.

  • Worried about the field of psychology and want to make sure your voice is heard?  NJPA represents you.  Advocacy for the field of psychology and our members is a high priority for NJPA.  We work hard everyday to protect and expand the scope of practice for psychologists in New Jersey, to ensure mental health parity for our citizens, to fight for immunity for court-appointed psychologists, and to act as a representative on many other initiatives on both the state and federal level.  Our staff and consultants regularly meet with legislators and regulators to advocate on your behalf and help advance the field of psychology so we can keep our members abreast of issues that affect practice, privacy, patients rights, and any other professional matters as they evolve. 
  • Want to make sure you know what’s happening in the profession and how it affects you?  NJPA keeps you informed. With our regular “Friday Updates,” members receive a weekly, electronic newsletter full of information, current news, and alerts about psychology, and upcoming professional opportunities.  Members also receive the NJ Psychologist, our professional journal, providing in-depth special sections and articles focusing on association business, member news, diversity, graduate students, and much more.

  • Wish you had instant access to resources that help you in your practice? NJPA provides you with the right resources directly at your fingertips. Your exclusive member portal on the NJPA website is your first stop to locate information and resources relating to HIPAA, Peer Review, retirement, licensing information, Medicare, recordkeeping guidelines, and much, much more!

  • Could more referrals help you grow your practice?  NJPA can help. Our licensed members can join the NJPA Referral Service, the statewide network that puts patients in touch with member practitioners.  NJPA strategically advertises the referral service in print and online sources to help you grow your practice.  Prospective patients can access our new and enhanced online search engine or call our office and speak to a live, helpful staff member who can assist them in their search for a psychologist. 

  • Looking for continuing education opportunities?  NJPA has them!   NJPA hosts conferences, workshops, and live and on-demand webinars that offer the widest array of professional learning opportunities.  NJPA is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists in NJ.  As an NJPA member, you will enjoy reduced pricing for all educational opportunities!

  • Want to collaborate with colleagues and belong to a community of professionals?  NJPA is the place for you. With our Members-Only interactive listserv, members can stay connected with one another, learn about what others are doing, and discuss a wide array of topics whenever they want. This is 24/7 resource that members can utilize, whenever they ever have a question or need information and input from their fellow colleagues.

  • Are you looking to save money while running your practice? We can help!  NJPA's affinity programs are your answer! Our collaboration with Office Depot allows you to order office supplies, furniture, cleaning supplies, and so much more at reduced rates.  Looking to set up a website for your practice?  Therapy Sites offers a convenient way to help you get your online presence established!

 The New Jersey Psychological Association Graduate Students (NJPAGS) Member Benefits

Student Member:  Current enrollment in a graduate program in psychology from a recognized institution. Applicant will be required to provide a current class schedule or a current school transcript at the time of application.   If you're not prepared to upload this documentation at the time you are applying for membership, you will not be able to complete the application.  Students enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership in the association except for holding office and voting in elections for NJPA officers.  Student members are considered members of the New Jersey Psychological Association of Graduate Students (NJPAGS).  $30.00
If you have any questions about this verification process, please contact Danielle Barnes, NJPA Membership Services Manager at [email protected] .

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