NJPA Lifetime Achievement Award

The NJPA Lifetime Achievement Award, the Association’s highest honor, recognizes exceptional leadership in the form of enduring and exemplary contributions to NJPA, over a sustained period of time, which collectively, has significantly enhanced the Association’s ability to positively impact the lives and careers of its membership, as well as advancing the field of psychology in New Jersey, and beyond.  It is suggested that the candidates be at least 65 years of age, however remarkable life circumstances will be taken into consideration for those candidates under 65 years of age.

Any member of NJPA can nominate a fellow member for this award by submitting a detailed statement (up to 500 words) demonstrating how the nominee meets the outlined criteria and why he/she deserves this honor.  Supporting documentation may be enclosed.  The Nominations Committee will accept names of suggested nominees each year, but will award nominees based on merit and presentation opportunity. This award need not be presented on a yearly basis. Nominations will be reviewed by the NJPA Nominations and Leadership Development Committee (N&LD) and a recommended slate of candidates will be presented to the NJPA Executive Board based on how well each meets the criteria and spirit of the award.  Not all nominees will necessarily be included in the recommended slate.  The slate will be approved by the NJPA Executive Board.

NJPA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Stephanie Coyne, PhD

Mary Blakeslee, PhD
Susan Esquilin, PhD

Phyllis Bolling, PhD
Joe Coyne, PhD

Ron Silikovitz, PhD

Duncan Walton, PhD

Daniel Williams, PhD
Rosalind Dorlen, PsyD
Raymond Hanbury, PhD
Barry Helfmann, PsyD
Neil Massoth, PhD
James Wulach, PhD
Donald Bernstein, PhD
Dorothy Cantor, PsyD
Morris Goodman, PhD
Jane Hochberg, PsyD
Jack Lagos, PhD
Stanley Moldawsky, PhD