Mass Shootings
Coping with Natural Disasters
Traumatic Experiences/Discrimination

Health Concerns

Marijuana:  Sorting the Research
E-cigarettes:  What You Need to Know
Responding to Questions and Comments About Breast Cancer
Mixed Feelings During the Holidays?
Beyond the Bag: Intimacy and Ostomy
Could Your Child Have IBS?
Could It Be Crohn's?


Cabin fever – Is winter making you restless and irritable?


Is it Bullying or Ordinary Meaness

How to Deal With Bullying (Whether Your Child is Being Bullied or is the Bully)

No, That’s Not Bullying:  Understand the distinction to help your child resolve everyday issues with peers.

Help Your Child Learn to Forgive


A New Way to Divorce Taking Root in NJ
The Million Dollar Question:  Should You Marry Him?
Unexpected Break-up?  How to Cope


Using Gratitude to Reduce Stress




Want to Better Yourself? Start Here
Have a Shoulder to Cry On? Why It Helps
What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure

Inner Fashion & Beauty (regular column) - FashionAffair
Mapping and Mastery of the Inner World: An Innovative Guide to Self-Empowerment
Accepting the Dark Side of Your Moon
Car Maintenance: A Metaphor for People
Learn to Take Back Control When Emotions Rise to Power
8 Things 'Inside Out' Teaches Viewers About Emotions, Memory and the Mind

Webinars & Videos:

Concussion Management and Return to Learn
- Michael Evans, MD 

Television Appearances

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