Morris County Psychological Association


The Morris County Psychological Association (MCPA) is the local Morris County Affiliate of the New Jersey Psychological Association. Our members are licensed psychologists who live or work in Morris County. The levels of membership are: Full Member, Affiliate Member, Student Member, and Member Emeritus, see below:

1. Any licensed doctoral level psychologist who lives or works in Morris County and is also a member of NJPA is eligible for full membership.

2. Those non-doctoral psychologists who are licensed under the grandfather clause and are members of NJPA are also eligible for membership.

Any psychologist who fulfills the membership qualifications of paragraphs 1 or 2 but who lives or works in a neighboring county to Morris County, one not served by an affiliate organization, is eligible for membership under the category of “Affiliate Member.”

An “Affiliate Member” can also include anyone holding a Masters level degree or higher but who is not both licensed and a member of NJPA.

Graduate students may become “Student Members” according to the guidelines established by the New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) for student membership to NJPA.

An Emeritus Member is someone who has previously been a full member for at least 5 years, is 65 years of age or older, and is retired from the field of psychology.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide information about the science and practice of psychology to our members and to the public.

Our Vision is to be recognized by the public and mental health professionals as the primary resource for psychologists and consumers in Morris County.

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