NJPAGS Mentoring Program

Thank you for your interest in the NJPAGS Mentoring Program! Structure of the program and expectations for potential Mentees and Mentors are described below. 


Since its inception in 2006, NJPAGS provides for the needs of graduate students through the creation of original programs. As graduate student leadership continues to flourish, it has become evident that provision of a formal opportunity for collegial, non-supervisory interaction would be beneficial for the organization and its members. Similar mentoring programs have been successfully established in organizations such as the New York State Psychological Association and Ohio Psychological Association.

Training is a formative period in which a mentoring program can assist graduate students in developing their professional identity. Mentors provide guidance, support, encouragement, and advocacy and serve as role models and teachers to graduate students. Mentors and mentees can collaborate on setting professional goals to enhance self-awareness, self-efficacy and job satisfaction. Together, NJPA and NJPAGS members can share in the goal of promoting the practice of psychology. While the mentor relationship benefits the mentee’s development, as mental healthcare professionals we understand that the relationship also helps the mentor to expand and grow.

Program Structure

This Mentoring Program is a one year (12-month) program matching graduate students of psychology with a professional in the field who has similar background, interests, experiences, and/or goals. Partners may not necessarily live in close proximity to each other, thereby making regular communication over the phone and via email especially important. Good mentoring relationships are based on shared interests, strong communication, and mutually agreed upon expectations, as well as an overall commitment to the relationship. Pairs may wish to continue their mentoring relationship beyond one year, but that is not an expectation of the program and must be a decision made mutually between mentor and mentee.

NJPAGS will provide the following support to participants throughout the year, and participants are expected to contribute:

•        Email check-ins with both mentor and mentee about the progress of the mentoring relationship.

•        An annual formal online evaluation of one’s experience in the mentoring program.

Eligibility and Match Process

Mentee applicants must be current members of NJPAGS.  Mentee Enrollment Form  

Mentor applicants must be current NJPA members and doctoral level professionals working in the broad field of psychology with a minimum of 7 years post-doctoral experience.  Mentor Enrollment Form

The Mentoring Program Advisor will initially screen all applications for completeness and appropriateness to the Program and select matches based on availability and preferences. You may be telephoned or emailed by a member of NJPAGS to review your application.

The Advisor will then virtually introduce the Mentor and Mentee via email, as well as provide a list of general suggestions on how to make the most of the mentoring experience. This will occur on or around March 15.

Please note: As it is difficult to predict the rate of response and interest of applicants to the Mentoring Program, NJPAGS will make reasonable efforts to accommodate preferences and match individuals in a timely manner, but makes no guarantee of a match. As you complete this application, the more detailed the information you choose to provide, the better we can attempt to match you with someone closely suited to your preferences.