Northeast Counties Association of Psychologists


The Northeast Counties Association of Psychologists (NCAP) is an affiliate of the New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA). Membership is composed of licensed or license-eligible psychologists who live or work in Bergen, Hudson, and Passaic counties and who are members of The American Psychological Association (APA) or NJPA. In addition, students who are enrolled in graduate programs in psychology are eligible to join NCAP as student members.

NCAP exists to serve the professional needs of our members and to assist in providing services to the general public. Meetings for our members focus on continuing education programs and provide the opportunity to develop relationships with colleagues in Bergen, Hudson, and Passaic counties. Members are available to community organizations as resources/ speakers on a variety of mental health topics.

The work of NCAP depends on the active involvement and service of our members. All Bergen, Hudson, and Passaic county psychologists are urged to join our association so that we may continue to work together at the local level to provide the highest standards of mental health services to the residents of our county. At this time when mental health practice is subject to increasing pressures from eternal sources it is vital that we remain committed and steadfast as a profession in safeguarding the rights of our patients/clients and the expertise and responsibilities of our profession on the national, state, and local levels. If you are not yet a member of NCAP, please go to our website,, click on the “Membership” section and download a membership form to join NCAP. Our website also provides links to the APA and NJPA websites which contain a wealth of information on psychological issues and psychotherapy.

To those of you who are NCAP members, thank you for your involvement in NCAP and please consider becoming more active by joining one of our committees and/or becoming part of the NCAP board. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Mission Statement

The Northeast Counties Association of Psychologists is a regional affiliate organization of the New Jersey Psychological Association. Its mission is to advance psychology as a science, a profession, and as a means to promoting health and human welfare. 

Within this mission, we seek to establish and maintain working relationships with other allied professions. Members benefit through developing professional networks within the community and helping each other by sharing knowledge and training. 

The association offers its members continuing education opportunities throughout the year. This helps promote high standards of training, develops professional expertise, and enhances ethical practice to better serve our clients. The members of the association are sensitive to the diverse needs of the population they serve. 

Finally, the association has representation to the NJPA executive board through one of our members who is our liaison for state and national issues.

Member Benefits

  • Networking opportunities: meet your colleagues in friendly, educational settings, and let others know what you do and hope to do
  • Educational opportunities: learn about developments in clinical practice
  • Free programs for NCAP members
  • Continuing Education credits available at low cost for members
  • Affiliation with NJPA and APA: NCAP is an affiliate of NJPA and is represented on the executive board of NJPA. Learn about what is happening on the state level, and make yourself heard
  • Participation as volunteers with NCAP's board of directors or NCAP committees
  • Inclusion in NCAP Online Membership Directory
  • Student Membership is available

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