The New Jersey Psychology – Political Action Committee (“NJP-PAC”) is a voluntary, non-profit political action committee comprised of a board of trustees, consisting of New Jersey Psychological Association (“NJPA”) members/psychologists.

NJP-PAC is a separate entity, and is not affiliated with any political party or other political committee.

Purposes of NJP-PAC

1. To make contributions, from funds received from NJP-PAC contributors, to candidates for office and political committees in New Jersey who have demonstrated their interest in and support of psychology, without regard to party affiliation.

2.  To solicit funds to be distributed in such a manner as to advance the stature of the profession of psychology in New Jersey.

3. To appoint NJPA members to attend fundraising events to represent the profession of psychology.

4. To create educational articles and flyers for New Jersey legislators about the science and profession of psychology. To offer grassroots training opportunities and/or articles for NJPA and NJPA affiliate members on how to best engage with New Jersey legislators to share information on the science and profession of psychology.  To set up meet and greets with NJPA and NJPA affiliate members and legislators to discuss the science and profession of psychology.


Are you interested in joining the NJP-PAC to assist with any of the above purposes?  There is so much to do on behalf of the science and profession of psychology that the NJP-PAC Officers and the NJPA Executive Board expanded the leadership pool for NJP-PAC Executive Officers.  Consider becoming a NJP-PAC general representative or an NJP-PAC Executive Officer.  Click here to review the NJP-PAC bylaws with NJP-PAC volunteer responsibilities.  If interested, contact Keira Boertzel-Smith.


2021 NJP-PAC contributions
Committee to Elect Angelica Jimenez (Q1)
Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (Q2)
EFO Aura Dunn for Assembly (Q2)
Gopal, Houghtaling, and Downey for LD11 (Q3) 


2021 Advocacy Message Statistics


The chart below highlights our 2021 Calls to Action.  The recipients are comprised of legislators and the governor.  Senders are the number of individuals who took actions and the number of messages they sent.  We thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard!

2021 Advocacy  Programming

May 22, 2021 - Assemblywoman Aura Dunn participated on the NJPA Program Panel for the webinar  -  The Psychological Dynamics of Domestic Violence – Live Webinar. 

June 10, 2021 - ASPPB Director of Professional Affairs, Dr. Alex Siegel, PhD, JD, and Director of Legal & Regulatory Policy in the Office of Legal & State Advocacy of the American Psychological Association's Practice Directorate, Deborah Baker, JD, hosted a program on PSYPACT.

Fall 2021 - The Legislative Election Year and Lame Duck Session 

The New Jersey legislative cycle is a two-year process. This year is an election year, which means that the current legislative cycle will come to an end in early January. Any pending legislation that is not passed and signed into law within the current cycle must start over from the very beginning in the new legislature.


The time between the end of the November election and the start of the next legislative session in January is often referred to as the “lame duck” session. Traditionally, this is a time when bills that some lawmakers are hesitant to consider before an election have an opportunity to move forward. There are  bills that are on Governor Murphy’ desk that are awaiting action that we are pushing for the Governor to sign.


Mental Health Bills signed into law this month

On September 24, 2021, PSYPACT legislation was signed into law.  PSYPACT establishes a mechanism for eligible licensed psychologists to provide psychological services to patients in other states and jurisdictions through the use of telehealth and telemedicine and by temporarily recognizing a license issued by another jurisdiction for the purposes of permitting the psychologist to provide in-person services outside the licensing jurisdiction. This opens up professional opportunities for eligible New Jersey psychologists, and addresses access to mental healthcare needs.  New Jersey psychologists' advocacy outreach was palatable! Thank you for the incredible outreach efforts.  Your voice matters!  NJPA members can learn more about PSYPACT here (login required)


On September 28, 2021, Bill A970 was signed into law.  Bill A970  Establishes Mental Health Screening in Schools Grant Program in DOE; appropriates $1 million.  This bill requires a board of education to ensure that students in grades seven through 12 annually receive a health screening for depression. The screening is to be proctored and conducted electronically via a computer within a school building, and is to utilize a screening tool that has been validated to screen depression in adolescents, as determined by the Commissioners of Education and Children and Families.  The screenings are to be conducted in a manner that permits real time evaluation of the screening results and same day intervention by a licensed mental health professional as indicated by such screening.  The Commissioner of Children and Families is to select one electronic screening tool to be utilized by all school districts.


Important Legislation - Waiting for the Governor's Signature - Permanent Expansion of Telehealth 
In this fourth  quarter of 2021, as more and more New Jersey residents become fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and New Jersey reopens its homes and businesses, psychologists continue to work hard to meet the diverse needs of the New Jersey populations they serve.  NJPA, individual psychologists, and their clients continue to advocate for the permanent expansion of the telehealth services waivers that existed during the pandemic emergency phase.  In 2020, so many psychologists quickly adapted to using telehealth to continue access to mental health services during the lock down. We don’t want to see these telehealth expansions go away. NJPA worked with legislators to support the expansion of telehealth waivers legislation (A4179/ S2559) and addressed psychologists’ call for keeping the expansions past the emergency phase, removal of registration, telehealth platform, reimbursement, and telehealth format restrictions, and payment parity.  This bill is waiting the governor's signature. Reach out today!


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2021 NJPA- PAC Officers
President, Barry Katz, PhD;
Treasurer, Mark Singer, EdD; 
Secretary, Ken Freundlich, PhD;
Executive Director, Keira Boertzel-Smith

Contact Info:

New Jersey Psychological Association

354 Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 1150

Livingston, NJ  07039


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