NJPA Stanley Moldawsky Mentor Award

Dr. Stanley Moldawsky was a true champion for the profession of psychology and a sought after mentor for psychologists. In honor of his amazing professional life, in April 2018, NJPA created the NJPA Stanley Moldawsky Mentor Award, recognizing exceptional leadership of an NJPA member in the form of enduring and exemplary contributions to mentoring new psychologists and/or graduate doctoral level students, over a sustained period of time, which collectively, has significantly enhanced the Association’s ability to positively impact the lives and careers of its new membership, as well as advancing the field of psychology in New Jersey, and beyond. 

John DeLuca, PhD

Aileen Torres, PhD
Rachel Mahoney Rengifo, PhD

Joe Coyne, PhD
Jeffrey Kahn, PhD

Rosalind S. Dorlen, PsyD