The NJPA Dawn Gemeinhardt Student Appreciation Certificate

This award, in the amount of $200, is given to the NJPAGS chair annually to show appreciation for the efforts of an NJPAGS chair who has gone beyond expectations.  It seeks to recognize outstanding student leaders and to encourage them to continue on their leadership path.  Focus areas may include, but are not limited to, creating programs to raise consciousness to issues of diversity/equity/inclusion, social justice work in the field of psychology, advocating for the needs of graduate students, creating programs to service the needs of graduate students, facilitating communication between NJPA committees and NJPAGS, and recruitment of new members. 

2021 Winner - Jared Hammond
2020 Winner - Chelsea Torres
2019 Winner - Christopher Thompson
2018 Winner -  Alex Gil
2017 Winner - Elisabeth Endrikat
2016 Winner -  Michele Pievsky
2015 Winner - Stacie Shivers